From Knapdale to Jura

Since childhood I have been intrigued by the physical space which surrounds me.

Nothing sits still in the ever shifting weather fronts and tides of the Scottish West Coast – I try to capture a fraction of that movement.

Some “Loose Ends” are tied up, some lead to new places and some become tangled, remaining as relics of a distant past with lost relationships and hidden objects.

The landscape of Argyll has often been my inspiration and if not the focus it is frequently found as the backdrop in my work. Combs, threads and stitching have joined pears and giraffes in recent years as residents of my memory tables where relationships between objects grow to inspire tales in the eyes of the viewer.

I paint with acrylic on gesso  - Texture is an essential element to me and is described through layers of paint, which I sand, scrub and score until I’ve found what I’m looking for.


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